Format:  9 hole Individual Stroke Play Event. USGA Rules of golf and the posted ‘local rules’ apply. 


Ground under Repair:  Identified by white paint, stakes, and/or signs.  


Out of Bounds:  Defined by inside edge of white stakes and/or property fence posts at ground level.                                 


Water hazards:  Defined by yellow stakes.


Lateral hazards:  Defined by red stakes.


Ties:  1st, 2nd, and 3rd place Ties will be determined in a Sudden Death Putt off. 


Pace of Play:  Groups will receive a warning and then they will have 20 minutes to catch up with the group in front of them. If the group does not catch up they will receive 1 final warning and after the final warning each player in the group will receive a 2 stroke time penalty. 


Spectator and carts:  Must stay on the cart path and/or rough. Do not give advice to players during competition, and please keep proper distance from the players.


Caddies:  Encouragements only, please prevent from over coaching, and encourage pace of play. If you have any questions or disputes please play a second ball (rule 3-3. Doubt as to Procedure) and check with the rules committee immediately following play. If in doubt always hit a Provisional Ball.


Cancellation: Must cancel 48hrs before the tournament for a full refund.