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Terms and Conditions

I acknowledge and accept the potential risk of injuries that can result from playing golf and it's related activities. I hereby release and discharge the members that organized the tournament, the golf facilities utilized or the tournament, tour sponsors, and all of the collective employees, agents, staff, directors, contractors, and members from all liabilities, claims, actions, or causes of action to the child and myself which may arise from the participation in the junior golf tour/class and other related activities.


In an event my child is in need for medical attention or treatment, I hereby authorize the staff of the junior tour/class to make the best decision in the best interest and welfare of the child if I am unavailable or unable to provide consent in person or by phone.


I also acknowledge that the parties listed above are not responsible for any damage, lost, or stolen to personal properties.


Lastly, I also give consent to the staff of the junior golf tour/class to video or photograph my child and to use the forms of media in promotion of the tour.


By signing this form, we acknowledge that we have read, understand, and accept the terms contained. We agree to participate and conduct according to the rules of the tour and the etiquette of golf according to the rules of USGA. I understand that the participation of the tour may be terminated if the golfer fails to abide by the rules of the tour/class and the host golf course or fails to abide by the instructions of the tournament officials.

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